• Life events

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    As your local Church of England parish we are here to help you mark the major events of your life in God’s presence. We offer a beautiful setting for marriage, baptism (christening) and other services.

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  • Turning dust into diamonds

    When God gazes at us, he not only sees past all those things that our vision cannot get beyond- age, race, gender, sexual orientation- he also sees something in each of us that we cannot see except in the face of his Son. God is not loving something worthless. Quite the contrary...

  • Inclusive Church

    St Mary's aims to be an inclusive church. We are committed to embracing the diversity of God’s people as regards, for example, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or family status, ethnicity, race, colour, nationality, cultural origin, religion, disability see more...

  • Scratch Choir

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    Come and sing in our Scratch Choir for Evensong this Summer. Meet to rehearse at 6 pm in the vestry for the 6:30 service. All singers welcome!

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